Notarized Signature Contract Crown 02/04/2019

London Contract and Declaration 02/04/2019 Leadership Crown United Kingdom GB


Princess Thanée Crown de Rothschild© TPHM 2019

TAHNEE HOELSCHER MOENNICH, Tahnée Pascale Hölscher-Mönnich (Id.)
Postadress: Rudolf-Schiestl-Straße 25; 90765 Fürth/Ronhof Bayern Deutschland
Mobile: 0049 157 560 17 808
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Notarized Signature Contract Crown 02/04/2019

London Contract and Declaration 02/04/2019 Leadership Crown United Kingdom GB

I Requirement of Succession 17/12/2017
The nearly complete context of my life story of birth to claims for legal entitlement

II Appendix Requirement of Succession 17/12/2017

III Partly documents and attachments to claims for legal entitlement from birth and descent of the years 2005-2017
proportionally written by lawyer firms 2006/2007 and 2008-2014

IV More partly documents and attachments to claims for legal entitlement from birth and descent of the years 2005-2016

DEKRET, notarized signature, Requirement of Succession 17/12/2017*1 crown of 1 crowned princess 71!
(nearly complete in chronological listing
of familial genetic interdependence of history and rights)!
For all leaders of governments in the world,
to all Reigns and their Houses of Kingdoms and Principalities and bearers of the Crowns of this world,
to the Pope of the Vatican, Vatican City, Pope Franciscus, with high esteem,
some letters will be sent by post to high level carriers until 20/12/2017 and the next following days; first deadline, the real birthday of my first father 20/12/1902 and the death of him on 20/01/1988 till 20/01/2018
with throw-in / registered letter - to the deadlines this way of the official announcement.

For all Government organizations and non-government-organizations (UN, UNO, NATO, KSZE, EU),
Big banks worldwide, banking industry of de Rothschild and Rothschild family etc.,
to de Rothschild and Rothschild family and belonging fondations, financial companys and institutes (!) and all other near relatives family and fondations (de) Rockefeller,
to the Isle of Wight, House Osborne, IOW ~ The English Heritage
(my home and my birth place, the home of my parents, the home of Queen Victoria, my genetically grandmother!),
to my genetically sister Queen Elizabeth II. of the United Kingdom of Great Britain,
to the foundation of the family (de) Bernadotte,
the Foundation Isle of Mainau of Prince Lennart de Bernadotte af Wisbourg Prince of Luxembourg
and born Crown Prince of Sweden,
to all Foundations ONASSIS (Greece, LIECHTENSTEIN, USA) and
the Foundation de Grimaldi de Monaco of my father Prince Rainier III
to the Foundation de Rothschild St James's Place London and
to the Council St James's Palace London for enthronement and coronation
to the president of the United States Mr. Donald Trump,
all Foundation belonging to the old family de Rothschild, the old circle of Monaco,
the family of Onassis de Rothschild,
Maria Callas Foundation,
Kennedy Fondation and to the family of Kennedy,
Elizabeth Taylor Foundation, Foundation David Bowie, Foundation Johnny Cash ... German Foundations ..),
to the European Council of on Foreign Relations (CFR),
Foundation Bertelsmann,
Council of Foundation of the World Economic Forum (WEF),
Think tank Bruegel in Brussels, European Climate Foundation (ECF),
Centre for European Reform (CER),
all secrets of this world,
to all houses of the secret carriers of this world order (IC),
House of Borja, House Breakspeare, House Somaglia, House Orsini, House Conti,
House Chigi, House Colonna, House Farneses, House Medici, House Gaetani,
House Pamphili, House Este, House Aldobrandini ...
to connect the world in one requirement of succession

HSH HM Crown Princess Thanée de Rothschild

de Rothschild
de Rothschild

HSH HM Crown Prince George VIII Baron Philippe de Rothschild ~ The Crownline 13 of King George V

Princess Thanée de Rothschild
Queen and Princess Thanée Georgia IX

Enthroned crowned, anointed and blessed by the associated crowns of our world order by the Vatican in 1971 and 1972 in a sacred ceremony of the old order, with all imperial insignia, crowns, oath, drawing in the sacred book Kronlinie de Rothschild, the heritage of my fathers, genetically designed, leading to the english heritage, the crown, principality of Monaco, Europe and the leading monarchy of the United Kingdom of England in conjunction with the ancient crown of the world order King George V, Queen Victoria and the Crown of King Edward, Kingdom of Asturias Spanish Crown, Kingdom of Israel, Tsarist Empire Russia of Tsar Alexander and the Persian Empire Iran Scha Rezai Pahlavi, associated dynasties and leading monarchies of the world order, Europe and America, Ottoman Empire Turkey, Kingdom of Egypt, Kingdom Arabia, Libya, Africa, Empire China and Japan, associated crowns in connection with our world order, in permanent representation and administration by associated family and leading crown of England, Queen Elizabeth II