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TAHNEE HOELSCHER MOENNICH, Tahnée Pascale Hölscher-Mönnich (Id.)
Postadress: Rudolf-Schiestl-Straße 25; 90765 Fürth/Ronhof Bayern Deutschland
Mobile: 0049 157 560 17 808
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Of my genetically fathers and my physically mother GRACE DE MONACO CROWN DE ROTHSCHILD
The verified registered last crownprinces and crown children and their crownchild born 1968 till today.
Children and parents and testators of the old one crown line
The Crown King George V and by The Crown Queen Victoria
The oldest Crown Line de Rothschild Heritage of Line King George V till today year of 2018
Princess Thanée Baronne Philippine de Rothschild born 19/11/1968 IOW (OS'68)
The leader kingchild of the old Crown Line King George V and Queen May of Teck
Heritage of Three Crowns
1 Crown Line Queen Victoria and Prince Albert I
2 Crown Line King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra
3 Crown Line George V and Queen May of Teck
Coronation crown de Monaco by Prince Rainier III de Rothschild de Grimaldi à Monaco year of 1972
Coronation oldest crown line King George V year of 1971 date of 19/11/1971 by Pope Paul VI Vatican/Pa IXOCEE

Time history about the 19 century bevor and after this time all of rights of Crown World Heritage told by pictures and by my own life story.
Crown Family GVCrown de Rothschild 2018

ALE 1948-1973

King George VI 1936-1952


1963 World Business Monarchy Crown Circle of The Crown de Rothschild
Monaco~Italy~Spain~Greece~France~Great Britain~America~Russia~Teheran/Iran~Slovenia~Poland~Sweden~Denmark~Germany ONE CENTURY'19 (TO Euro-World New Europe)

Papa Philippe, his onliest genetically registered own children Crownprince Marco née 10.06.1967 et Crownprincess Thanée née 19.11.1968

G5 10.06.1297-19.11.1949-12.05.2005 Crown Dynastie de Grimaldi de Rothschild C3
Monaco Crown 19/11/1968

Ein Lebenswerk Chateau Mouton Rothschild Domaines et Chateaux de Baron de Rothschild King George VIII of King V Baron Philippe de Rothschild 1902-1988-2018 for ever!

My father Baron Philippe year of 1987 (Foto)
and his foster-child my loved stepaunt Camille Lilly de Chambre in my early childhood by contact about family till year of 1977 (unfortunately the contact lost then about foster-families and institutions in Germany)

Honour for my suddenly 2014 died stepaunt named by me and sometimes by my father Philippe "Philippine" since 1973 (Tante Philippine or Lilly, born 1939, my father Phil could rescue her on the age of 5 and loved his stepdaughter really, he trained her for management) because of Management on behalf [Geschäftsführung im Auftrag, g.f.a./G.F.A.] of my Heritage of my father and family de Rothschild and de Rothschild Trademarks of the Domaines B. D. R. [Bordeaux Central Departement till November 2017] and all others Property and assets de Rothschild of my Fathers Crown de Rothschild my father and Leader of Heritage Prince George Baron Philippe de Rothschild